Give your songs the treatment they deserve, for a price that's music to your ears.

These days, anyone can just purchase Pro Tools and record in their bedroom, right? Well... just like owning an expensive guitar doesn't make you a great songwriter, owning expensive recording software doesn't make you a talented recording engineer. As many people quickly find out, it is better to leave the recording to the pros and let the musicians make music. My experience and know-how comes into play during every aspect of the recording process - from perfect microphone placement, to delicate adjustments on audio equipment. I can capture the feel of your music the way you intended. Equipped with years of trained experience, a plethora of high-end microphones & outboard gear, and a keen set of ears, I can put you in complete control of your sound, enabling you to concentrate solely on playing great music. From recording to the final mix, I will bring out the best in your sound.

In The Studio

As a freelance engineer, I have a working relationship with many recording studios in Philadelphia, including Hi5 RecordingSine Studios, and the legendary Sigma Sound, as well as Lone Pine Road in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Depending on the demands of your project, we can select the right studio for your recording. Each studio offers a different atmosphere, a variety of high-end equipment, and a distinct sound. Access to this choice selection of studios means you have options. Whether you want to record to analog tape or work in the digital domain, I've got you covered. Imagine racks and racks of compressors, delays, reverbs and EQ at your disposal, and stocked microphone closets, all within your reach. Experience your recordings through pristine studio monitor speakers during mixing and playback. Recording in the studio gives you the unique opportunity to experiment with a wide range of options using tried-and-true recording techniques. 



Mobile Recording Rig

Studio sessions aren't for you? I can record you and your band anywhere that sounds right. My mobile recording rig features a versatile array of high end mics and outboard gear, enabling great takes outside the confines of the traditional studio environment. Every location has a personality, and we can capture as much or as little of it as you wish. Some bands dig the sound of a big reverberant parking garage, or a gymnasium for example. Some groups get the best takes in their rehearsal space where they feel most comfortable. Be it in a garage, basement, bedroom or warehouse, I can make your band sound awesome.

Post Production, Mixing and Mastering

Recording is only half the battle. To really make your music shine, you need an experienced mixing and mastering engineer. Mixing is an art, one that can only be learned through years of training and practice. The final product of a record often has more to do with post-production than the initial recording process. In fact, the mixing and mastering process can completely change a recording - for better or worse. I will ensure your songs sound as great through any set of speakers as they do in your head. Even if you recorded your music elsewhere, I can take those raw recordings and mix them into something you will be proud to share.