Livin' in the Country with Taber Maine

Had an impromptu session with Corey of Taber Maine today. He's such an awesome singer... I could just listen to that midwestern drawl all day long. He can make a 1-syllable word into 3. Corey brought his friend and sometimes drummer Jordan Teitelbaum along with him on this beautiful spring day and together they just clicked.

I was impressed with Jordan's tastefulness as a drummer, and his professionalism in the studio. Such a joy to mic a kit that sounds so good, played by such a talented fellow. He has a real deep snare drum, so we put 3 different mics on there, including an old Beta 57. The final result is awesome & really interesting. The mic on the top head is all punch, almost no snare even audible. I got a real nice sparkly crunch from the bottom head, and the side mic has a good midrange snap to it. Combining all three I was able to create a spectacular snare sound in the booth. This was also particularly useful mic'ing technique for capturing the way a snare brush stroke sounds.

Looking forward to doing some lead guitar overdubs in the upcoming weeks...