In the studio with Black Gum

Super fun session today with my buddies Travis Kent and Rachel Badger of Black Gum. These guys have a really awesome vibe - at times they're totally amped-up & energetic, while other songs cruise along to a more chilled-out, surf-ish groove. Capturing the different styles while maintaining a sense of unity throughout the session was an interesting challenge.

Travis & Rachel were an absolute breeze to record, nailing their songs after only a take or two. Later on in the night, as the stars came out over the hills of west Austin, I brought them into the live room to do some nice vocal harmonies together. There's great reverb in there and it fit their ambiance perfectly. I must say, Travis has an interesting way of dancing with headphones on while singing.

We're going to release the 5 songs on cassette-tape through Monofonus Press here in Austin.