Capturing the unique sound of Bethany Solonika

What an absolute pleasure it was to record Bethany Solonika this evening. Her music is so mysteriously beautiful, so brooding yet also playful. As a songwriter she is deeply aware of her audience, and I wanted to capture this intimacy up-close and personal, while maintaing her unique sense of space, ambience and airiness. Luckily I have at my disposal the Wunder mic, which captured Bethany's sultry low tones with a gentle edge; nice and rich, full of character.

Bethany expressed her concern that in the past, other recording engineers haven't been able to do justice to the powerful sound of her autoharp. It truly is a beast, full of overtones and harmonics - and it sounds different from just about every angle. But boy did we tame that beast, and it sounds amazing.

In order to capture the full expression of the instrument, I boxed poor Bethany in with half a dozen different mics, and placed another few spaced around the live room to capture the reverb. The end result was marvelous. The Neumann 184s sound particularly nice. With all the mics combined with just the right levels we achieved a huge, well-rounded tone for her harp. Bethany was psyched!

In the upcoming months miss Solonika will be returning to lay down some vocal harmonies. I can only imagine how amazing these songs are going to sound after that! Stay tuned for an EP...