Excite your listeners with incredible recordings for less than you ever dreamed.

Well versed in the language of musicians and audio engineers, I offer genuinely kind, relaxed, and passionately knowledgeable musical services.

My engineering and production philosophy is greatly influenced by my lifelong experience as a musician. Many of my clients have credited my "bedside manner" as an encouraging force when recording. I believe that a musician who feels genuinely at ease yet mentally excited will be inspired to lay down take after take of great music. And it can be heard in the final products. After all, a great sounding recording starts with a great performance. It's my job to make sure you are able to play to the best of your ability, and then capture that performance in a way that does the song justice. I will experiment tirelessly with different microphones, different rooms, mic placements, baffles, compressors, and eq's... however much or little is necessary to find the right sound for you. Together we will craft your sound. 

Throughout my years as a musician and audio engineer I have learned to translate between the descriptive language of musicians and the technical language of engineers to produce specific sonic results. Furthermore, my experience as a musician enables me to provide useful & tasteful input as a producer. I can be an extra set of reliable ears in the realm of instrumentation, tempo, feel, tonal character, harmonies, etc. 

About Gregg:  Gregg's fascination with recording began, as with most young musicians, in his parents' basement on an analog 4-track tape recorder. Throughout the years, under the tutelage of professional audio engineers and microphone specialists, his knowledge and the quality of his recordings grew. After graduating from Hampshire College he began recording other bands in addition to his own songs. Gregg soon realized there was something special about bringing to life the musical passions of others. In 2008 he moved to Austin, TX where he attended TRCoA (The Recording Conservatory of Austin) and further honed his ability to make music sound great. In 2012, Gregg traveled to Philadelphia where he took a job at Sigma Sound, the legendary recording studio responsible for the "Philly soul" sound. Now residing in Philadelphia, Gregg frequently collaborates with musicians in New York and New Jersey.

Gregg began his personal musical career in junior high as a drummer and in highschool he went on to win the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. During college he studied music and songwriting and began focusing on playing the piano. He has since been a member of many bands and toured in both the United States and Europe as a drummer and keyboard player. In addition, he has composed music for theatrical performances and several short films. His current creative outlet is Luck Mountain, a keyboard driven band featuring Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond organ, and piano. A mix of percussion-heavy loops, marimba & vibraphone patterns, and full kit drumming creates a beautiful, often danceable texture while fervent vocal harmonies coast atop a gorgeous web of melodic instruments.